Lithuanian lawyers to provide Ukrainians with legal aid

2022 03 04

AVOCAD Law firm starts providing free legal aid to Ukrainian citizens seeking asylum and support in Lithuania. 

"The attorneys who took the oath and the lawyers, we are all Lithuanian citizens. Therefore, as the war in Ukraine intensifies and the toll grows, we are ready to help with advice on personal documents to be prepared and submitted to Lithuanian institutions," said Jonas Zaronskis, partner at AVOCAD.

In many cases, Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war do not have enough time to prepare and consider all the details. The complexity of legal issues therefore turns into an additional burden that takes up valuable time, increases emotional tension and uncertainty, and makes it impossible to pause and calmly reflect on the radical change.

Refugees are most often confronted with legal issues related to the formal temporary residence permit in Lithuania, as well as temporary contracts for accommodation, utilities, catering, healthcare and other services. Another common issue is the formalisation of legal powers of attorney to represent separated family members and relatives.

The AVOCAD team is available to provide advice in English and Russian; the questions will be divided by areas of expertise. If you can contact us by email, please send your questions to ukraine@avocad.lt. If not, call the general phone number +370 (5) 219 0790; however, the experience from the first few days has shown that it is not always possible to get through.

According to Jonas Zaronskis, there are already signs that skilled Ukrainian lawyers who are currently settling in Lithuania might, temporarily at least, join AVOCAD’s legal team.