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  • We will draft your company's internal local documents (internal rules of procedure, job descriptions, procedures and processes). We will carry out a legal audit of the documents already prepared;
  • We will prepare material liability agreements (collective and individual), other documents related to material liability, and advise you on material liability issues;
  • prepare documents to protect confidential information (contracts, rules, inventory) prepare non-compete agreements;
  • We will draw up an individual employment contract for you (if you have special needs);
  • advising you on changing or terminating your employment contract; preparing a package of documents related to changing and/or terminating your employment contract (orders, notices, minutes);
  • Advising you on the termination of employment contracts with employees;
  • We can advise you on hiring employees, transferring employees to another company in Lithuania or abroad;
  • We will represent you in negotiations, in pre-trial labour disputes (drafting related documents) and in court.